Monday, September 24, 2007


Well the set survived its transportation to Montreal and is now set up for the final few shots (well the ones for that set anyway).

This pic is massive so for any of those compositing inclined click the image and save it and you can see how tight you can zoom in, or a real nice little drift in emmmm...: yummy.

I am shooting the whole thing absolutely massive like 3000/2000 pixels, why am I shooting this big? simply because I can, well that was my reasoning at the start. Combustion/AFX has no problem handling the file sizes and a 400g hard drive is well cheap nowadays... so IMAX here I come.

Well maybe not but it is really handy having the files this size because I can add in camera moves in post. So if I zoom 3x I'm still at HD and for TV I could nearly go in 4x and then pan around.

Ill post up a clip in the very near future so check back!

Montreal kicks ass but I can smell the cold on the way.

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