Saturday, March 08, 2008


Mad crazy snow storm outside.

The start of this lapse is not great but wait a little while and the snow flakes get bigger
and can be seen more easily. Also the quality is terrible it really needs to be seen in HD.

so here's a RS link for clip at 752*500

I think it makes for some interesting patterns.


Gillian Comerford said...

Hey Chris. Happy paddy's day to you. Have a great time. Hope your not missin lil' ol' Ireland too much ;)

Pynchy said...

thanks Gill,
yeah fairly missing the Isle at the mo'.
Hello to all and Happy Paddys Days...well apart from Finglas which seems to have turned into Beirut!

Ed said...

You and your fucking timelapse eh? I bet your finger was sore after that one. Any sign of you coming Ireland-ward again?

Pynchy said...

not til late August at least maybe bit later :(

tinylittlesandra said...

Howdy! this is very strange... at first, I was thinkin "Is he takin the piss" :O) but I stuck with it -and yeh, its pretty cool! Hope all is going well for you over there, and I noticed a link to me on you list, well to my old blog, but still... cheers